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We are the living testament to the Chaos Theory. My husband, Brian, and I have three children.

Brooke is the first born and acts as moral compass and boss of everyone under five feet tall. She is 11 years old and has strawberry blonde waves you would pay big time cash money to get on your head. The freckles keep her grounded. Smart and pretty, we hope she will use her powers for good.

Her world turned upside down when the twins showed up. Looking back on their first five years, I am amazed I was not medicated. Benjamin is sweet, funny, crazy smart, and a very sensitive little man. He had colic for his first four and half years.

Jillian, mostly called "the Bean", is non-stop motion combined with one long paragraph that she starts upon waking and ends mumbling into bed at night. She is stubborn and has a laugh that stops people on the street. Like Elmer Fudd on Christmas morning. So pretty, even though she always has toothpaste in her hair and mismatched socks.

Oscar the dog is our 11 year old pug. Nothing phases him except he believes the doorbell is his personal call to action. And Petunia is our 1 year old miniature log haired wiener dog. She's a good dog with a bad dog just dying to get out of her.